Seven Things Americans Can Learn from Italians – HuffPo

G sent a really good HuffPo post my way, and we spent a bit of time talking about it.  Seems spot on to both of us.

I’ve noticed three threads in the way Italians approach life that seem different and good, and I think they’re picked up in HuffPo’s list:

  1. Italians prioritize family and friends.
  2. Italians prefer to interact in person.
  3. Italians pursue happiness in a sustainable way.

Eating slowly and with others, the evening passegiata (stroll) in a crowded piazza, staying near the place you grew up, drinking but not to excess, maintaining a positive reputation… these all seem to me to stem from a shared set of values that focus on spending face time with those you love, and enjoying life without losing (too much) control.

G and I are looking forward to learning a bit more the way of Italians, and are especially looking forward to family and friends coming to spend some face time in one of the best places on the planet!

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