G and I made an all-too-short one-night stop in Parma on our way from the farm to a wedding in France.  The town is remarkably easy to enter, and there’s a street chock full of pretty fancy shops. 

There’s a nice green space in front of Palazzo della Pilotta; the night we visited there was free opera in the park.  Lots of people were enjoying the evening and each other… typical Italy!

The highlight of our visit – by far – was a most amazing meal at Ristorante La Greppia (39/A Strada Garibaldi; tel. 39 0521 233-686).  Melt in your mouth prosciutto di parma, an incredible parmigiana “mousse,” two courses of pasta (ravioli and tortellini), and zucchini blossoms stuffed with ricotta, bread crumbs and cod… it was all absolutely delicious.  And the service was great: very friendly, not fussy, excellent.  You can bet we will be back!


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