Friends of a Friend

Sometimes your friends’ friends make you scratch your head and ask, “How could *they* be a friend of [ insert good friend’s name here].  But other times the head scratching is about why you’ve never met the friend of your friend before.

We had THE BEST time with Natalie and Bernie, who until the moment they arrived were only friends of a friend.  After a quick 24 hour stay with us, however, we’re now like family.  We had a great time – seafood for lunch down at the sea, then dinner back at Tutto Doppio, with lots of talking and shared chores in between – that came to an end all too quickly.

In fact, we were having so much fun that we forgot to get a picture of Bernie.  Either that, or he’s in the Federal Witness Protection Program.  I am sure not going to be the one to say.

We miss you guys!

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