Sfortuna, Fortuna – The Sky’s on Fire

We arrived at Tutto Doppio four weeks ago to the day.  Although we know how lucky and blessed we are, and although we take time every day to look at our world as though it’s the first time we’ve seen it, I’d be lying to you if I claimed everything has been smooth as silk.  Our challenges haven’t been anything earth shattering; just the stuff that comes along with starting life in a new place.  Admittedly, each of these “chores” (e.g., getting a new cell phone plan, getting an internet connection) is a bit more complicated given our rudimentary Italian.  (We’ve had a LOT of help from Pietro… thanks, P!)

And we’ve had it easy compared to the folks who depend on grapes for their livelihood. The summer has been just awful.  Far too much rain, and not nearly enough heat.  We are hoping – along with them – that the weather snaps to ASAP.

Today looked good when we woke up, and was nice and warm through the early afternoon. But as the day came to a close, another storm rolled through… washing away any of the treatments farmers here must use to do battle with mildew, fungus and the like.  Bummer.

But with every bad turn of events comes something good, something beautiful.  I know that this “silver lining” way of thinking sounds trite, pollyannish.  But the older I get, the more I believe that it’s true.  The more experience I have under my belt, the more I come to trust that no matter how awful and disappointing the news, there is something of beauty to discover.  Maybe it’s just the way humans are wired.  Maybe it’s the way the universe is wired.  Maybe it’s God.  Maybe not.  But I do believe it’s true.

With today’s awful weather and storms came the most amazing sunset.  We are genuinely sorry for our neighbor farmers who are counting – dearly – on better weather.  And we hope right along with them that better weather comes soon.  But that hoping hasn’t stopped us from stopping and being still and watching the sun set in a spectacular way.  Giusto?

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  1. You have the right view….in more ways than one.

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