Mexican Food… In Le Marche!

When we were contemplating the Big Move, I will admit that there were a few things that worried me: missing my sons, learning a new language, the finances.  G had only one worry: where to get decent Mexican food. 

G and I both grew up in southern California, and Italians are know for sticking with, well, Italian food. She had a point. 

But her fears turned out to be unfounded. We discovered a great little place in Ascoli Piceno that serves downright *good* Mexican food. Run by Ermanno, who grew up in Ascoli but spent many years in the restaurant business in LA and San Francisco, Crazy Tacos is a genuine cantina. We had tacos and burritos, which were spot on, and a spin on a Caesar salad that took us both right back to California. He also does a bit of BBQ, and his fried chicken looks fantastic. 

Crazy Tacos is a must if you’re in the area and jonesin for Mexican. The salsa is made by hand and the food is clean and good. But beware, this is a one-man show, and if things get busy, Ermanno is likely to recruit you to pour your own beer… or even help serve other customers.  

Crazy indeed, and we loved every minute of it! 

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