Scratch Piadine

Piadine are sort of the Italian version of quesadillas.  In this case, the “tortillas” are called piadine, as is the finished product. Our go-to piadine are filled with some cheese, salami (or speck) and a bit of arugula.

Today we decided to make the piadine – the tortilla bits – from scratch: flour, water, lard, milk, a bit of baking soda, salt and some milk.  That was followed by a lot of kneading, and then letting the dough rest while we took the girls for a walk.

We rolled them out, partially cooked them in a cast iron pan, stuffed them, and then finished them off back in the cast iron. Yummy, and oh so much better than the pre-made piadine we find in the store.

Next time, we will fiddle with the stuffing.  We’re also going to trying using olive oil in lieu of lard.  Tasty!

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