A Warm Glow

Here’s a glimpse of Tutto Doppio from across the valley, just after sunset.  That big building above us is the Monastero Delle Passioniste.  This is a convent of what we’ve been told are cloistered nuns.  Hopefully they don’t mind our periodic karaoke sessions.

Mimmo did a superb job with the lights… as evidenced by the nice warm glow of our place as seen from across the valley.  Thanks, Mimmo! 


Vines & Trees Strut Their Stuff

The Tutto Doppio vines are slated for their first harvest in the fall of 2014, with the olives following a few years after that.  But in every crowd there’s at least a couple of show-offs. 

As G and I tromped through the vineyards, we spied a few vines that were well on their way.  And the olive trees weren’t wall flowers either — still puny but a fair amount of fruit.

We have our fingers crossed that all of this enthusiasm bodes well for the future!


Fresh Veggies da Stefano

Stefano and his family have a fantastic farm just down the road from TD.  During our recent visit, fava beans, chard, and peas were fresh and ready to go.  All absolutely delicious! 


Don’t Judge

That's just how they roll at the spiaggia in San Benedetto... 

That’s just how they roll at the spiaggia in San Benedetto… 


Don Draper, Bob Nease — Same Thing

It’s official. I have now been recognized by the press as the Don Draper of Italy.

Here’s the (Google Translated) story that came out in the local paper
covering our court appearance earlier this year. Although I am sure I
came across as “disoriented” (in large part because I am generally
disoriented), you’d think that people in glass casas wouldn’t throw
pietre: G is in one sentence described as a tall blonde.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

False allegations and embezzlement

They dreamed of a house in Valley defrauded two American scientists

Although he had a cottage in ‘Ascoli, were found to pay twice. A pair
of scientists in California and appeared in court Tuesday for the cause
of forgery and embezzlement in which two injured party has just begun
the process before the courts hearing Mariani.

The story goes back a couple of years ago, when they decide to buy a
country house near Montrepradone. By e mail for communicating with an
agency, which in turn puts them agreement with a man of communication,
defended by lawyer Pierluigi Acciaccaferri. He finds the cottage, then
invested by the two scientists of a special prosecutor, is responsible
for ‘purchase of’ property. At this point, the two Americans are
beginning to pay bank transfer € 30 000 each, up to a sum of 126 000 €.
But time passes and the deal if they do not do anything. Then the
meeting with the two in Fiumicino, where the man claims to have returned
all the cash: to prove a release signed by the Americans themselves.
But this document is for the prosecution evidence of the crime of
forgery: the man would not only embezzled the money sent to him by
scientists, but have also forged a release. The process was rinivato in
June, and it is not known if the two californani come again in Via Dino
Angelini. What is known, however, and that the couple had bought the
same house. And the two Amercan have monopolized for a couple of hours
the attention of anyone who happened to be passing to the classroom
where the two, a bit confused, tells her story with the help of an
interpreter. She blonde, tall, with black hair and a suit. Him in full.
They seemed to come out of the TV series “Mad Men,” and found themselves
on the set of “The Band of Honest Men.”

BTW, “The Band of Honest Men”  is a 1956 Italian comedy about a bungling group of counterfeiters.