Bob’s Pipe Dream / Plumber’s Crack

It’s on the verge of getting cold here, which means it’s time to turn off the outside spigots so the pipes don’t freeze. The chickens don’t seem to understand that no water means no ability to clean up their droppings, so that means we need to use the spigot by the carriage house; it runs below the frostline, and doesn’t freeze.

Unfortunately, the gasket on the old head was leaking. No problem; Bob thought he’d just take that thing apart and replace the gasket — but no soap. Lots of Liquid Wrench and pounding, couple of pipe wrenches and Billy’s help led to exactly nuttin.

Bottom line is that we had to replace the entire assembly, including the pipe all the way down to the nipple under the frost line. Lots of digging, lots of mud, and finally mission accomplished. He only lost a little bit of the tip of his right middle finger digging out the rocks around the joint — fun times!

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