Oh Dear Roe Deer


Y’all know Bambi from the Disney movie, right?  Well, the movie was based on the book Bambi, A Life in the Woods.  In the book, Bambi was a roe deer.  But in the movie, the Disney folks changed Bambi to the better-known-in-the-US white-tailed deer.

Wikipedia describes roe deer as primarily crepuscular.  (Sweet Baby G describes me as primarily creepy.)  Crepuscular means active during dawn and dusk.  We spied a couple of these deer making their way down the side of the vineyard in the afternoon.  And these photos were snapped around 10pm.  So either our roe deer are a few hours off cycle, they’re not roe deer, or Wiki is all wet.

Regardless, enjoy.  We’ll try to get a few more pictures of them!


Fox in Motion

Gidget and I have made a morning routine of walking down to the bottom of the vineyard to see what “pets” our night camera picked up.  It’s a good hike down (and back up).

Today we just missed – by maybe 30 min – a visit from Mr. Fox!



Fox 2 - 16 Apr 2015

We’ve seen deer in the vineyard, and G swears she saw a cianghiale (wild boar) from a distance.  After a rain, when the ground gets good and muddy, I’ve seen several prints – either deer or boar.  And the other night, while I was tending to the wood-burning oven I heard the most awful squeal in the bosco (forest) nearby.

Not being satisfied without more direct evidence, we* “invested” in an  infrared camera with a motion detector to see what we could see.  No wild boar or dear yet, but we do have some serious badger and fox traffic down at the bottom of the vineyard.

Next up: an attempt to get them on video!

* Specifically, I bought the camera on Amazon and fessed up to G before it arrived.