Breakfast and Sweets

We managed to go over the top with breakfast at a really beautiful place near the Louvre: breads and pastries, eggs (poached and scrambled) with fixings, yogurt with homemade mueslix, fresh squeezed orange juice, piping hot coffee, more pastries… AMAZING. The place is Claus – La Table du Petit-Déjeuner. Not inexpensive but a real treat!

Then Sweet Baby G and I went strolling to find ourselves in a fancy pants chocolate shop. They also had those pretty cookies… oh, I mean macarons. Gorgeous!


Happy Hour – Last Night in Paris

One of our favorite “traditions” on the farm is Happy Hour: heavy appetizers and refreshments in lieu of a big meal. We picked up some yummy cheese at a French coop, a baguette, some chips (you can take the boy out of America but…), and a bottle of wine. That, with a sliced up apple, made for a pretty nice happy hour. The only things missing were Luna, Gidget and Buttercup! Can’t wait to see them!


Afternoon Paris Lunch

After a quasi forced march from Sainte-Chapelle to the Army Museum, we needed some nourishment. We had lunch at a bistro near our apartment, and then rewarded Ron with a gloppy French pastry. Score!

P.S. Sweet Baby G caught me playing paparazzi in the video below…


Last Minute Pasta Alla Sweet Baby G

After a long run this morning (Bob) and a long afternoon of work in the garden (G) we decided we needed something more that just snacks in the evening. I managed to find some wild asparagus and Sweet Baby G worked her magic with some locally grown spinach, a few tomatoes, some ceci (chickpeas) and a bit of bavette pasta. The result was amazingly delicious!


Beach and Nachos

This morning, Buttercup and I took a long run, from the farm all the way down to the beach! Sweet Baby G grabbed Gidget and drove down so we wouldn’t have to run all the way back (thank goodness).

After some play time at the sea (Gidget does great off the leash) and some farm chores, we closed out the day with some crazy good nachos: slow roasted pulled pork and chickpea refritos… DELICIOUS!


Wild Sourdough!

Homemade bread with a sourdough starter captured here on the farm. This one is delicious – tangy with a great crust and a very nice crumb. Let’s hope I can repeat it!