Porko De Maggio

We know that Cinco de Mayo isn’t a genuine holiday, and that made it all the easier to riff on a pork shoulder slow roasted overnight in the forno… and then turned into a lunch of pulled pork BBQ sandwiches.  That great pranzo was CRUSHED by an amazing dinner of pulled pork tacos on HOMEMADE tortillas.  Masa harina courtesy of Meghan and Jack Proehl; cilantro for the salsa courtesy Dwight Stanford at PS Winery down the road a piece from us.  FANTASTICO!


Best. Cioppino. Ever.

Mr. Jack Proehl in the Tutto Doppio house – the maestro took miscellaneous leftovers and turned them into an amazing cioppino.  A fantastic end to a fine visit by great friends!


Foraged for Lunch… And Lived to Tell About It


We scrambled down to the bottom of the vineyard to score some asparagus. In the process, sweet baby G stumbled upon some chives.

Lunch?  Frittata with the chives, blanched asparagus, and some roasted tomatoes.  Everything was delicious.  And the asparagus grow like weeds around here!


Mexican, French, Um Cobbian

20150318_190400We’re spreading our culinary wings because there are a few things we miss from the states. Sweet Baby G missed Mexican food so much that she MADE CORN TORTILLAS from scratch, which we used for some outstanding fish tacos.  We’ve also nibbled on quiche (with apples and gorgonzola) and on a Cobb(like) salad with chicken thigh, avocado (!), pancetta, eggs, and more gorgonzola.  Absolutely delicious!


Pop (Up and Then) Overs


Sweet Baby G has made the most delicious popovers (which, in the oven, first pop up and then over) the last two mornings.  I am going to have to double down on my running!  AMAZINGLY GOOD STUFF!!


Happy International Day of the Woman!

20150308_091614I’m celebrating the International Day of the Woman by enjoying the tasty muffins that G made from scratch while I took the dog for a nice run around town. I told her it’s fine if she wants to use store-bought pasta for our lunch too, because International Day of the Woman, naturally.  Looking forward to my weekly foot massage and martini later this evening!

#whatagreatcountry #mansworldbaby #hopegisntreadingthis #howdoyousaydoghouseinitalian #iloveyoubaby


Mo’ Betta Pasta

We gave in and bought a Kitchen Aid with the pasta attachment for the farm.  Last night’s homemade pasta was one that Ben Poremba had made for my parents back in STL . . . ravioli stuffed with peas and cheese.  We topped them with pancetta and a tiny bit of cream.  Wow!


Shakshuka It Up


Fantastic dinner tonight thanks to sweet baby G’s take on shakshuka! We followed that with an early taste of Tutto Doppio’s inaugural montepulciano d’abruzzo — it’s coming along nicely! Come check it out for yourself!


Scratch Piadine

Piadine are sort of the Italian version of quesadillas.  In this case, the “tortillas” are called piadine, as is the finished product. Our go-to piadine are filled with some cheese, salami (or speck) and a bit of arugula.

Today we decided to make the piadine – the tortilla bits – from scratch: flour, water, lard, milk, a bit of baking soda, salt and some milk.  That was followed by a lot of kneading, and then letting the dough rest while we took the girls for a walk.

We rolled them out, partially cooked them in a cast iron pan, stuffed them, and then finished them off back in the cast iron. Yummy, and oh so much better than the pre-made piadine we find in the store.

Next time, we will fiddle with the stuffing.  We’re also going to trying using olive oil in lieu of lard.  Tasty!