Happy Anniversary (To Us)!

Two years ago, Sweet Baby G and I (and the girl pets) arrived in Italy to begin a new chapter together! We’re tickled to have shared this milestone with our friends Jaclyn and Laith, who surprised us with balloons, stick-on tatts, and treats!! (We reciprocated by making them work in the garden and vineyard.)


Horse of Fire – Ripatransone

This is the annual festival for our little town. Every year, one week after Easter, people come to Ripa to celebrate by eating, drinking, and shooting off fireworks… from a big fake horse. Up close!

This year we celebrated with our good friends Chris, Jenny, and Sarah. Come see for yourself!


Fun Among the Cacti!

Fun among the cactiRon, Sweet Baby G, and I snuck away during our last full day in Arizona to check out the Desert Botanical Gardens. It was absolutely beautiful (and I usually can’t handle more than about 10 minutes of looking at plants).

Thankfully, it was a viewing garden and not a nursery. Had Sweet Baby G had the chance, I’m sure we’d be coming back to the farm with a plane load of succulents!