Jalopy SWAT Team Arrives

Sure, I was bothered when I got the Land Cruiser stuck in the olive grove in a harebrained scheme to fast track delivering the fertilizer.  But it turns out the neighbors were even more bothered.

After a couple of days of putting up with my “performance art” spoiling the look of the beautiful hills for miles around, the locals took matters into their own hands, arriving unannounced to help us pull it out.  They stuck me behind the wheel of the truck, giving me cryptic directions about what to do.  In a few minutes, the hooptie was back in the game and headed back to a more suitable parking spot.

Thanks so much, neighbors!


San Pietro and Raquel Get Married!

Our dear friends Pietro and Raquel tied the knot over the weekend.  A beautiful ceremony in the church Pietro’s dad helped restore 35 years ago, and a delightful reception at Santa Lucia afterwards.  We danced until nearly 2am… not bad for a couple of old fogies!


Ciao, Meghan & Jack!

We just wrapped up a great visit with Meghan P and her dad Jack here on the farm!  Meghan is celebrating the completion of her dual Masters (Social Work + Public Health), and Jack is riding shotgun (metaphorically; he did the driving from Rome to the farm).

We enjoyed eating, wine, time with the dogs, a bit of exercise, wine tasting, more eating, more wine, etc.  Highlights:

  • Meghan brought NINE POUNDS of masa harina so Sweet Baby G can make handmade tortillas (delicious)
  • Jack kicked culinary booty using ONLY LEFTOVERS in our fridge to make the best cioppino… incredible
  • Sweet Baby G cajoled Meghan into giving a formal presentation of the results of her Masters’ project… while Jack and I sipped martinis

Buttercup was especially happy to see Meghan; BCup spent her first week and half after being busted from the Chesterfield Humane Society with Meghan… while Sweet Baby G and I traveled to the farm.  BCup spun and jumped and wiggled when she realized who Meghan was.  Now she’s a little mopey, so we are hoping the Proehls will come see us again soon!


Porko De Maggio

We know that Cinco de Mayo isn’t a genuine holiday, and that made it all the easier to riff on a pork shoulder slow roasted overnight in the forno… and then turned into a lunch of pulled pork BBQ sandwiches.  That great pranzo was CRUSHED by an amazing dinner of pulled pork tacos on HOMEMADE tortillas.  Masa harina courtesy of Meghan and Jack Proehl; cilantro for the salsa courtesy Dwight Stanford at PS Winery down the road a piece from us.  FANTASTICO!


Best. Cioppino. Ever.

Mr. Jack Proehl in the Tutto Doppio house – the maestro took miscellaneous leftovers and turned them into an amazing cioppino.  A fantastic end to a fine visit by great friends!


An Early Bottle of TD Montepulciano


Our good friend Kathy snuck away from a work trip in Bologna to spend a couple of nights with us at Tutto Doppio.  We ate and walked and drank.  And then we repeated.  Fantastic.

Kathy happened to be here during our once-every-two-week tasting of the montepulciano that’s in the oak barrel.  We have another batch in the steel tank waiting its turn on the oak, so did a side-by-side comparison.  She preferred the brighter taste of the wine without any time in the barrel, so we promptly had her bottle some up for the trip home.

Technically, this isn’t the first bottle of the batch.  But even if it was, we’d be happy to be sharing it with her!



Famous By Proxy

Daily Mail 2

Two of our favorite people (Laura and Tanbay) are FAMOUS!  They had a great write-up in the UK’s Daily Mail explaining how they’ve managed to travel all over the world house sitting.  In addition, we made it into the headline as well as a couple of photos.

If you haven’t checked out L & T’s story, this is the time to do it. Also, be sure to take a look at their website and Laura’s great “how-to” guide on for first-time house sitters.

These two are rock solid reliable, always upbeat, and took better care of our dogs and cat than do we!  B-Cup, Gidget and Luna will be so happy to see them when they return for a proper visit this summer!


To Our Moms

20150305_193902 We finally sat ourselves down for a podcast to talk about losing G’s mom Addie. She meant the world to us, and we miss her every single day. For dinner, we attempted fried chicken the way my mom Delight made it… not quite hers but close and yummy.

It was a wonderful day full of thoughts of our sweet moms. We miss you both so much, and are thankful for everything you gave to and for us!


Bottle ‘Em Up!


This morning our good friends Paolo and Paola at Fiorano winery in Cossignano invited us to come watch them fill and cork nearly 20,000 bottles of some of the tastiest pecorino and rose wines in Italy. It was a real production, full of friends and excitement!


Traveling Weasels!

Our new friends (and adopted kids) Laura and Tanbay are taking great care of our girls (and the farm) while we are away.  They know all the ins and outs of house sitting… and are traveling the world doing it!

These two are responsible, calm, fun and perfect for Tutto Doppio.  We hope they come back again and again.

Check out their latest post!