Our Ripatransone Neighbors Star on Italian TV!

Tooling around YouTube uncovered this RAI 3 television show focusing on the people and culture of Ripatransone.


Making appearances are:

  • Stefano Acciarri — Stefano and his family are the hardest working people we know.  They grow delicious organic things year round, and make some of the very best olive oil.  We procured our little baby olive trees from Stefano!
  • Alessandro Capecci — Alessandro runs a pasta shop in “downtown” Ripatransone. He also gave G a cooking lesson at Le Caniette during one of our earliest visits to the area.
  • Roberto Pasquali — We only met Roberto once, very briefly, at Caffe Blob in Santa Maria Goretti. Our good friend Pietro arranged for us to try out a couple of bottles of his Rosso Piceno.  It was absolutely DELICIOUS!

In addition, there are a number of other talented folks from Ripatransone. We can’t wait to meet the rest of them around town!


Christmas = Karaoke?

It may not be a true Christmas tradition, but we sure do enjoy it!  Although the setting isn’t quite as spectacular as the terrazzo at Tutto Doppio, the boys and I had a great time belting out some tunes.  The girls – G, Gidget, and Buttercup – were good sports and put up with us.  A ton of fun!


Bea’s Honey

on July 17th, Gina’s beloved Aunt Bea passed away. She’d been ill for a while, and although her passing wasn’t a surprise, it was a big loss.  Fortunately, G had the opportunity to be with her for a bit prior to her death.

Later the very same day of her passing, we learned that a colony of bees had built a hive
on the farm, between the kitchen shutter and window – a prominent spot that
couldn’t be missed.

Aunt Bea
always enjoyed a good joke.

We weren’t at the farm to take care of the bee invasion.  But not to worry: our good friend Pietro carefully removed the hive, and relocated it to the farm his family owns just a few miles away from Tutto Doppio. 

On our last visit, Pietro presented to us a couple of good sized jars of Bea’s honey.  We rebottled it, and shared it with those we love! 



The Beautifiul Adriatic

Tutto Doppio is on the western cusp of the last hillside just before the Adriatic.  That means la spiagga (beach) and la mare (sea) are less than 20 minutes away. 

The water is clean, and nearly always calm; it’s shallow, which means it’s nice and warm.  The sand is white.  The people are friendly.  And the entire lungomare from Grottammare to San Benedetto del Tronto is a beautiful walkway dotted with seafood restaurants.  


Lourmarin (That’s in France, Europe)

G and I had the honor and pleasure of attending our friends’ wedding in the south of France.  It was a FANTASTIC wedding and rollicking good time.

Lourmarin is about an hour north of Marseille. The village is very picturesque, and almost all of us were within walking distance of the chateau where the festivities took place.  About 90 folks made the trip all the way from St. Louis… which pretty much means that we took over the entire town.

G and I got lucky, snagging a room at a lovely B&B in the center of the village.  Our host, Christine was very sweet, and our room was beautiful.  She and her husband, Pasquale, have run Côté Lourmarin (+33 6 09 16 91 80) for about three years.  If you’re ever in the area, we highly recommend staying there!



Fresh Veggies da Stefano

Stefano and his family have a fantastic farm just down the road from TD.  During our recent visit, fava beans, chard, and peas were fresh and ready to go.  All absolutely delicious!