Abby Berries!!

Ever since our good friend Abby Doty Bailey came to visit, Sweet Baby G has been harvesting the strawberries and freezing what we can’t immediately use. Now we can’t even look at a fresh strawberry without thinking of Abby… and that’s a good thing!


Strawberry & Banana Smoothies

It’s been super super hot here on the farm!  But when Abby Doty (B’s childhood friend) was here in May she schooled me on freezing strawberries!  She collected buckets from our strawberry plants and then cleaned and put them in zip-lock bags where she sucked out the air for maximum freezing!  I’ve been trying my best to keep up as the plants continue to produce strawberries!  The best part?  I made strawberry and banana (with a bit of OJ) smoothies this weekend and it was so EASY and REFRESHING and super TASTY!  Avery (a very hip 7-year old) said it was the best smoothie he has ever had!  Thanks Abby Doty!!!!!!


Luxembourg Gardens

This was also high on Sweet Baby G’s list, and a nice walk from our apartment. The gardens are 1) enormous, and 2) stunning. We strolled, we sat, we napped. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to cool your jets, this is it!


Lovely Gazebo Lights

Everything Luigina plans and people like Mimmo do in the garden here at the farm seems to turn out amazing. Check out the new lights in the gazebo!

These are super fun, completely reasonable, and energy smart (i.e., LED). We really love them! Thanks, Luigina and Mimmo!


Cushion Crazy


We’ve gone mad for pillows! We’d show you more, but it’s about to rain so we’ve pulled everything inside. Stay tuned!