Beach and Nachos

This morning, Buttercup and I took a long run, from the farm all the way down to the beach! Sweet Baby G grabbed Gidget and drove down so we wouldn’t have to run all the way back (thank goodness).

After some play time at the sea (Gidget does great off the leash) and some farm chores, we closed out the day with some crazy good nachos: slow roasted pulled pork and chickpea refritos… DELICIOUS!


Dogs in Rome

I had to pick up my new passport in Rome, so SBG and I made a day of it… with the dogs! The US Embassy is near Villa Borghese, so we found a good parking lot there.

After I picked up my passport, we walked the dogs to several of the usual sites: Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Campi(DOG)lio, the Colosseum, and the Forum. We also snagged a little gelato at a small bar before making our way home.

Here was the most pleasant surprise: the people in Rome were very, very friendly to the dogs. (They found B-Cup especially attractive.) Lots of smiles and stopping to introduce themselves. It was really nice because not all Italians are fond of dogs.

The girls did great (and were totally exhausted), so we’re hoping to do another day trip together soon!


Buttercup Romps!

After  a couple of days of snow (about 2.5 feet in total), B-Cups decides to have some fun. (The snow has melted a bit – thankfully – but it’s still plenty deep for playing!)


Lessons Learned, Christmas 2016 Edition

Today is our third Christmas here on the farm. I started the day with a nice run with Buttercup, and then Sweet Baby G made *amazing* french toast using panettone for breakfast — just fantastic!

A couple of days ago, SBG and I went to the local “Costco” (membership restaurant supply store; one of the perks of being a farmer). We go there a couple of times a year to stock up on key provisions (e.g., Tabasco and tequila).

I stumbled upon a veal shank there and got it into my wifty middle aged head that roasting this thing in the wood burning oven would be PERFECT for Christmas.

Here’s what I learned today:

  • Despite what the high-end wood burning oven recipe book says, veal shank needs to be be roasted low and slow. Ours turned out kind of disgusting.
  • Trying new things means periodic failure. That’s okay. It’s not an adventure if you know how it’s going to turn out.
  • Sweet Baby G’s french toast was awesome. Especially thinking back on it after the nasty veal shank.
  • I snuck in a couple of pizzas between the hot-as-heck oven temperature and the disastrous shank. Pizza covers a multitude of sins.
  • Christmas means a lot to me. It’s probably not the best day to be experimenting. (Please remind me of this next year.)
  • Gidget totally OWNED the bone from the shank. Buttercup was so scared of the bone that she hid from it.

We hope you all had the very best Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever holiday is meaningful to you. Explore, go on adventures, try new things… and do it with someone who loves you!


Buttercup’s Super Powers


At about 3:36am, central Italy was struck with an awful earthquake. Truly devastating for people near the epicenter.

We are about an hour and a half away, and were thankfully spared the damage. But our little Buttercup did her best to warn us… twice. About five seconds before the shaking started, she jumped out of bed, ran around, and barked loudly. She did this for the main quake, and then repeated it an hour later for the main aftershock.

Her new nickname is “Seismo” and she’s just plum tuckered out from being the early-warning sensor for us. Good job, Buttercup er Seismo!!