Abby Berries!!

Ever since our good friend Abby Doty Bailey came to visit, Sweet Baby G has been harvesting the strawberries and freezing what we can’t immediately use. Now we can’t even look at a fresh strawberry without thinking of Abby… and that’s a good thing!


Three Years on the Farm

Three years ago today, we arrived from St. Louis to live full-time on the farm. No regrets, no looking back, and our marriage is stronger than ever. I am now in the sweetest sweet spot of my life!


Breakfast and Sweets

We managed to go over the top with breakfast at a really beautiful place near the Louvre: breads and pastries, eggs (poached and scrambled) with fixings, yogurt with homemade¬†mueslix, fresh squeezed orange juice, piping hot coffee, more pastries… AMAZING. The place is Claus – La Table du Petit-D√©jeuner. Not inexpensive but a real treat!

Then Sweet Baby G and I went strolling to find ourselves in a fancy pants chocolate shop. They also had those pretty cookies… oh, I mean macarons. Gorgeous!