Abby Berries!!

Ever since our good friend Abby Doty Bailey came to visit, Sweet Baby G has been harvesting the strawberries and freezing what we can’t immediately use. Now we can’t even look at a fresh strawberry without thinking of Abby… and that’s a good thing!


Three Years on the Farm

Three years ago today, we arrived from St. Louis to live full-time on the farm. No regrets, no looking back, and our marriage is stronger than ever. I am now in the sweetest sweet spot of my life!


Breakfast and Sweets

We managed to go over the top with breakfast at a really beautiful place near the Louvre: breads and pastries, eggs (poached and scrambled) with fixings, yogurt with homemade mueslix, fresh squeezed orange juice, piping hot coffee, more pastries… AMAZING. The place is Claus – La Table du Petit-Déjeuner. Not inexpensive but a real treat!

Then Sweet Baby G and I went strolling to find ourselves in a fancy pants chocolate shop. They also had those pretty cookies… oh, I mean macarons. Gorgeous!


The d’Orsay Museum

This was high on Sweet Baby G’s list, and it didn’t disappoint. We saw gobs of impressionist paintings, as well as amazing sculptures (including one of the boy king with his Buttercup-like dog), and even some Art Nouveau woodwork that reminded us a LOT of the old house in St. Louis. To top it off, the building itself is just drop-dead gorgeous – tons of light and soaring open space.

To get a sense of just how pretty it is, watch how the people move through the space in the clip below!