The d’Orsay Museum

This was high on Sweet Baby G’s list, and it didn’t disappoint. We saw gobs of impressionist paintings, as well as amazing sculptures (including one of the boy king with his Buttercup-like dog), and even some Art Nouveau woodwork that reminded us a LOT of the old house in St. Louis. To top it off, the building itself is just drop-dead gorgeous – tons of light and soaring open space.

To get a sense of just how pretty it is, watch how the people move through the space in the clip below!


Last Minute Pasta Alla Sweet Baby G

After a long run this morning (Bob) and a long afternoon of work in the garden (G) we decided we needed something more that just snacks in the evening. I managed to find some wild asparagus and Sweet Baby G worked her magic with some locally grown spinach, a few tomatoes, some ceci (chickpeas) and a bit of bavette pasta. The result was amazingly delicious!


In the Bottle!

Our first batches of pecorino and rosato (rosé from our montepulciano d’abruzzo) are in the bottle! We celebrated with sandwiches on homemade baguettes out in the garden… with the first official bottle of pecorino. YUMMY!


Beach and Nachos

This morning, Buttercup and I took a long run, from the farm all the way down to the beach! Sweet Baby G grabbed Gidget and drove down so we wouldn’t have to run all the way back (thank goodness).

After some play time at the sea (Gidget does great off the leash) and some farm chores, we closed out the day with some crazy good nachos: slow roasted pulled pork and chickpea refritos… DELICIOUS!


Dogs in Rome

I had to pick up my new passport in Rome, so SBG and I made a day of it… with the dogs! The US Embassy is near Villa Borghese, so we found a good parking lot there.

After I picked up my passport, we walked the dogs to several of the usual sites: Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Campi(DOG)lio, the Colosseum, and the Forum. We also snagged a little gelato at a small bar before making our way home.

Here was the most pleasant surprise: the people in Rome were very, very friendly to the dogs. (They found B-Cup especially attractive.) Lots of smiles and stopping to introduce themselves. It was really nice because not all Italians are fond of dogs.

The girls did great (and were totally exhausted), so we’re hoping to do another day trip together soon!