Pranzo Oggi


Sweet Baby G knocked lunch out of the park: that’s cauliflower soup with toasted walnut and grated pecorino garnish, served with toasted bread and mashed avocado and a dry white wine.


High Time for Thai Time


We love Italian food, but sometimes miss the wide variety of cuisines so easily obtained in the States. No worries, though… Sweet Baby G is combining local ingredients (including basil from the garden – frozen from this summer) with key spices to make it work. Tonight’s panang curry chicken over rice was FANTASTIC!!


Red Vendemmia I – 2015

We took advantage of the visit from the boys to pull a couple hundred kilo of our montepulciano d’abruzzo grapes up from the vineyard.  We did it all by hand, loading 20kg cases and then lugging them up to the shed.

St. Peter scored us a crusher-destemmer machine for us to borrow… which made the crushing far easier.  For good measure, however,  Sweet Baby G gave the grapes an extra crushing the old fashioned way.

It’s always great to have some help with a harvest (even a little one) and especially great for the help to come from the boys.  The house wine we make will be a genuine family effort!

Next up: harvesting the rest of the montepulciano!


Presto, It’s Pesto!

Fresh basil from the garden puts SBG in the mood for homemade pesto.  Basil, garlic, parmigiano, olive oil, pine nuts, a bit of salt and pepper… and a whirl in the food processor!

We whipped this up, then added it to trofie (pasta) and a bit of leftover roasted potato.  Yummy!


Grape Check #3

Round Three!  Sugar levels (brix) are great, as well as pH.  But as with last year, acidity seems a weeeeeee bit high.  We will keep an eye on the pH, and make adjustments to the must if needed before we make any vino.  Stay tuned!

PECORINO (white)
Brix: 24.1
pH: 3.3
TA: 9.8 g / liter

Brix: 20.3
pH: 3.1
TA: ~12 g / liter


Abba Dabba Do!


It’s a beautiful day, and with the tractor out of commission until the end of the month, it was a perfect time to make a quick run to Abbadia Di Fiastra.

ADF is a little borgo tucked into an enormous nature reserve.  It’s home to Sweet Baby G’s favorite church on the planet (ultra plain but large and beautiful) as well as a fantastic BBQ joint with outdoor tables.  Great time with Ron Secura!