Abba Dabba Do!


It’s a beautiful day, and with the tractor out of commission until the end of the month, it was a perfect time to make a quick run to Abbadia Di Fiastra.

ADF is a little borgo tucked into an enormous nature reserve.  It’s home to Sweet Baby G’s favorite church on the planet (ultra plain but large and beautiful) as well as a fantastic BBQ joint with outdoor tables.  Great time with Ron Secura!


Ciao, Meghan & Jack!

We just wrapped up a great visit with Meghan P and her dad Jack here on the farm!  Meghan is celebrating the completion of her dual Masters (Social Work + Public Health), and Jack is riding shotgun (metaphorically; he did the driving from Rome to the farm).

We enjoyed eating, wine, time with the dogs, a bit of exercise, wine tasting, more eating, more wine, etc.  Highlights:

  • Meghan brought NINE POUNDS of masa harina so Sweet Baby G can make handmade tortillas (delicious)
  • Jack kicked culinary booty using ONLY LEFTOVERS in our fridge to make the best cioppino… incredible
  • Sweet Baby G cajoled Meghan into giving a formal presentation of the results of her Masters’ project… while Jack and I sipped martinis

Buttercup was especially happy to see Meghan; BCup spent her first week and half after being busted from the Chesterfield Humane Society with Meghan… while Sweet Baby G and I traveled to the farm.  BCup spun and jumped and wiggled when she realized who Meghan was.  Now she’s a little mopey, so we are hoping the Proehls will come see us again soon!


Yoga on the Farm

20150415_115835If spreading manure, picking grapes, washing windows or walking the dogs isn’t your cup of tea, join my Sweet Baby G in some yoga on the terrace at sunset.  GORGEOUS.

P.S. The sunset’s not bad either.


Oakie Dokey?

20150330_185730When aging wine in a barrel – especially a new barrel – it’s really important to monitor how the wine is doing.  The last thing you want to do is over-oak the wine.

Thankfully, this awful job falls to Sweet Baby G.  As you can see, it’s tough work, and the view from her cubicle is pretty barren (see below).  I hope she doesn’t report me to the Italian labor authorities.

P.S. The wine’s not quite ready so this means – sadly – that she will have to repeat this painful process in about two weeks.



Pop (Up and Then) Overs


Sweet Baby G has made the most delicious popovers (which, in the oven, first pop up and then over) the last two mornings.  I am going to have to double down on my running!  AMAZINGLY GOOD STUFF!!


Happy International Day of the Woman!

20150308_091614I’m celebrating the International Day of the Woman by enjoying the tasty muffins that G made from scratch while I took the dog for a nice run around town. I told her it’s fine if she wants to use store-bought pasta for our lunch too, because International Day of the Woman, naturally.  Looking forward to my weekly foot massage and martini later this evening!

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