Gently brined pork chops with fresh herbs and salad from the garden. Paired with our homemade rosato… YUM!


In the Bottle!

Our first batches of pecorino and rosato (rosé from our montepulciano d’abruzzo) are in the bottle! We celebrated with sandwiches on homemade baguettes out in the garden… with the first official bottle of pecorino. YUMMY!


Heya Paella! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today we did all of our normal daily stuff together, which frankly is pretty darned romantic. Then we made paella using yummy local shellfish… fantastic.

And we started what I hope will be a new Valentine’s Day tradition: we previewed a bottle of our pecorino from the previous harvest. The 2015 Tutto Doppio pecorino (white wine) is really very nice: lots of citrus and minerals, perfect for fish!!


The Little Pecorino Harvest

This year we decided to pluck a few crates of pecorino to make some house wine. It’s the first time we’ve attempted pecorino; white wines generally are a little trickier to pull off because of tighter temperature requirements.

With the help of Natalia B, we pulled ten crates of the best clusters we could find. Then we crushed and destemmed them, and the girls (Sweet Baby G and Natalia) stomped on them for good measure. After a very light pressing, we sent the juice by food grade hose down to the basement for fermentation.

The juice is almost done turning into wine, and based on the taste I had last night it should be pretty tasty! When are you coming to try a glass?!?


Bottling the 2015 Red

It’s time to put the red wine to bed in their bottles. This was the 2015 montepulciano d’abruzzo. Sadly, we didn’t make that much of it — maybe 130 bottles or so. But happily, we had lots of help from our good friends Ian, Susan, and Natalia.

Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to taste it and they’ll come back and help with the 2016!


Pecorino Harvest 2016

Highlights from our 2016 pecorino harvest! This is really about how we start our house wine; although the first shot shows the guys coming up from the vineyard on the tractor (Sweet Baby G notes that if you look carefully, you’ll see the girls hiking up the hill), we pulled all of the grapes for the house wine up by hand.


2015 Rosso Out of the Barrel!


We’re making way for the 2016 vendemmia (grape harvest)! That means transferring the wine from our little 100 liter oak barrel back into the stainless tank. We’ll leave it there for a few weeks to let all the goodies settle to the bottom before we bottle.

It’s 100% montepulciano d’Abruzzo, and every last grape came from the Tutto Doppio vineyard. More on the specifics of how this wine was made when we put it to sleep in the bottles!


2016 Wines!

We’re shooting for FOUR different house wines this harvest. Other than the rosso (red), they will be a bit tricky, so keep your fingers crossed!!