Fox 2 - 16 Apr 2015

We’ve seen deer in the vineyard, and G swears she saw a cianghiale (wild boar) from a distance.  After a rain, when the ground gets good and muddy, I’ve seen several prints – either deer or boar.  And the other night, while I was tending to the wood-burning oven I heard the most awful squeal in the bosco (forest) nearby.

Not being satisfied without more direct evidence, we* “invested” in an  infrared camera with a motion detector to see what we could see.  No wild boar or dear yet, but we do have some serious badger and fox traffic down at the bottom of the vineyard.

Next up: an attempt to get them on video!

* Specifically, I bought the camera on Amazon and fessed up to G before it arrived.

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  1. Ah the girls always went crazy when we went down there! We knew there was something but I love foxes, I want to see an Italian fox 🙂

    1. Italian fox or foxy Italian? : )

  2. You know how you could get video? A DRONE!! Every time I think about us sitting around the table and talking about that makes me laugh!

    1. It’s soooooooo going to happen!

  3. Are them good eatin’?

    1. Purty durn good. Not near as tasty as them squirrel brains n eggs.

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