Hydromassage Installation, Le Marche Style

Wasting money is un peccato in Italy, and especially in Le Marche. See how our workers (friends) solved the problem when a fancy pants crane operator wanted an arm and a leg to move the hot tub from our (admittedly steep) driveway to the spot overlooking the vineyard. Thanks, Moreno & Andrea!

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  1. Hi folks! Looked at the hot tub video. When Sarah comes reminder to not spend too long in the tub she did that once and fainted when she got out!
    Michael heads to Rome tomorrow.
    Hope you are well

    1. Jack! We will keep an eye on Sarah. Love to the family, and remind Michael that he’s always welcome to visit us on the farm!

      P.S. We are in the states for a few weeks, for the launch of my book. We’ll be in NYC for a few days next week; the book launches on the 19th. Should be fun!

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