Heya Paella! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today we did all of our normal daily stuff together, which frankly is pretty darned romantic. Then we made paella using yummy local shellfish… fantastic.

And we started what I hope will be a new Valentine’s Day tradition: we previewed a bottle of our pecorino from the previous harvest. The 2015 Tutto Doppio pecorino (white wine) is really very nice: lots of citrus and minerals, perfect for fish!!


Wild Sourdough!

Homemade bread with a sourdough starter captured here on the farm. This one is delicious – tangy with a great crust and a very nice crumb. Let’s hope I can repeat it!


Scratch Indian Lunch

Chana masala, saag paneer, aloo mattar, and naan — all homemade from scratch… including the paneer (cheese) and naan. First time for Sweet Baby G, and everything was AMAZING.!


Panettone French Toast With Honey, From My Honey

Panettone. It’s sort of the Italian version of fruitcake. But whether you dig fruitcake or not, it doesn’t get much better when you useĀ the last bit of panettone to makeĀ French Toast.

And SBG did an OUTSTANDING job this morning. Drizzled with some local Italian honey and paired with a cup of hot coffee — just delicious!


“Sushi?” Asks She. “Um, Yes,” Says Me.

We’re still snowed in. We are slightly rationing the propane because although we have a couple of weeks worth, we’re not sure when the tanker will be able to make it down the driveway. We had an earthquake this morning. The dogs are restless. So am I.

And in the midst of all of that, Sweet Baby G asks a simple question: “How about I make us some sushi for lunch?”

Why, yes. What a great idea. FAN. TAS. TIC.