“Pecorino: Marche’s Comeback Kid”


There’s a nice article at Palate Press describing the beloved pecorino grape as Le Marche’s “Comeback Kid.”

We have a couple of acres of this fantastic grape planted at Tutto Doppio, and have our fingers crossed for a good harvest this fall.  Making white wine is a bit more challenging than red, but maybe we’ll have a go at it this year.

Pecorino can be difficult to find in the US, so we’d recommend you come visit!

Some of our local favorites are Cocci Grifoni winery (named for the guy who brought the grape back from oblivion), Paolo & Paola’s Fiorano (home of the Donna Orgilla pecorino), Poderi Capecci’s (they make the tasty Ciprea pecorino), Le Caniette (Io Sono Gaia is pricey but good) and several others.

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