Some Days Are Better Than Others

green116a.870We’re (finally) expecting a little rain here on the farm, so I decided it was time to finish up a little tractor work.  I mowed the weeds around the dog run (campo di sportivo per cani), and then made my way down to the olive grove.  A little dicey but I managed to beat the weeds back there too.

With a couple of hours to spare, I figured I’d mow a couple of rows in the vineyard as well.  Before the rain, ahead of the harvest… you know: I was feeling pretty good about my growing tractor skills.

Then this…

When tracks go off um track

When tracks go off um track

But thankfully no one (other than my fragile male ego) was injured.  Time for a full-size tractor with full-size tracks… and probably full-size repairs!

P.S. For those of you thinking about the U2 song based on the title of this post, here you go!


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  1. I thought your friend warned you that your tractor days were behind you?

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