Tutto Doppio Red to Bed

Yesterday we put about half of our first batch of Tutto Doppio montepulciano into a small (100 liter) barrel for some special oak time.  We’re holding back the other half to top off the barrel, to make adjustments, and the like.

The taste from the tank at this point is good – not spectacular, but quite good – and we will see where we are in a few months.  Definitely wine that we will enjoy… because we will probably end up with 200+ bottles in the cellar!

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  1. Would even be better if you shared the wine with your “working” guests rather than hog it all to yourself. I guess we have to add Wine Maker to your long list of titles and accomplishments. The web site looks grand.
    A past working guest.

  2. Don’t forget the smaller the barrel the faster the oak influence. Glad to hear you’re podcast is back online and I’ve been enjoying your blog.
    Bob M

    1. Barrel – yes! And thanks for the encouragement about the podcast!

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