Wood Burning Oven Food Fest!

We try to do some non-Italian meals, pretty much as often as we can. Today, Sweet Baby G whipped up some Thai soup… rice noodles, red curry paste, charred veggies, lime, peanuts, and mint from the garden. Totally delicious! The veggies had been roasted (almost incinerated) in our wood burning oven.

I used the oven at pizza temp to try out a bit of naan. This was my first attempt, and it turned out more like pita. But that’s okay because 1) pita is as close to Thai as is naan, and 2) pita!!

When the temp in the oven dropped to around 475F, we popped in a few handmade “pork” rolls. Yep. That’s a slow-rise bread dough spiked with fried pancetta bits and a red pepper flakes.

Finally, Sweet Baby G wrapped things up with an apple crostata… baked slowly in that oven. Amazing!!

I was going to make some slow roasted beans, but Sweet Baby G cried uncle. Maybe the next time we fire up that oven we can manage some slow-roasted meat to go with those beans… and then make some tortillas for TACOS!!


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